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Mirror Mirror Tell Me Who am I?

The mirror metaphor is perhaps a clue to finding meaning in our short lives. Now I suggest you place the mirror in a place equivalent to the word perception and read this article until the end.

Perception is about how we interpret and make sense of information in our environment. It's influenced by our personal experiences, cultural values, and individual beliefs.

Perception can be divided into two categories: internal perception and external perception.

When we look in the mirror, sometimes we're surprised, sometimes we see a clear reflection of what we feel.

Internal perception is how we define ourselves. Our thoughts about our abilities, values, and emotions are internal.

External perception is how others see us from the outside. It's about what others think about us. These views often affect our behaviors and social interactions.

Think of our clothing choices as the visual manifestation of these perceptions.

What we wear expresses our personal style and identity. The balance we strike between internal and external perceptions is the key to creating a positive impact zone!

Now, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself:

  • How do I define myself?

  • What does my clothing style say about me?

  • How do my clothing choices affect my confidence?

And 3 questions to ask yourself in front of the mirror:

  • How do others see me?

  • What does my clothing style say about me?

  • What do people around me think about me?

You are great! After this exercise, you can add color to your life and use the dynamics of clothing in your journey of self-discovery by following the steps of understanding image, fashion and trends, discovering brands, and organizing your closet.


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